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About Friends of the Arts Inclusive Resource

Founded in 2017 FAIR is dedicated to making the arts inclusive and accessible. 


Originally our mission was to deliver low cost, high quality art classes to the marginalised, particularly those living with mental health issues. We achieved this by visiting each other’s studios and teaching what we knew to each other so that “Each student becomes the teacher and each teacher, the student.”


The ground roots charity was able to offer classes at only $10 including materials and even cheap wine and some nibbles and indeed each participant was given the opportunity to enjoy both roles of student and teacher.


Since 2020 FAIRs team of dedicated volunteers have brought the community together in an annual art exhibition and event that have become an extravaganza celebrating the arts whilst raising resources for mental health charities.


2020’s Kindness Emerging, 2021’s Reflections on Resilience and 2022’s Wild & Free showcased local emerging and established artists in fun and innovative ways.


This year’s mental health week event, METAMORPHOSIS, propels FAIR into a new era by establishing partnerships with Clancy’s Fremantle, Circus WA & DADAA to deliver a week-long program of events centred around a marquee erected in Princess May park. It will house 100 pieces by 25 local artists, including lead artist, Katy McManus. The week will include workshops & performances across the partnering venues, the main art exhibition, and a satellite exhibition, “Songs That Saved Me” at Clancy’s.

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